Water engineering

Rainwater recovery

Innovation and knowledge of the market make Kipopluie a benchmark name in the field. Our company specializing in rainwater recovery solutions has been growing strongly since 2005, drawing its strength from its know-how, its personnel, its corporate culture and its vision of the market.

The rainwater issue

A combination of water shortages (prefectural orders prohibiting use of the resource), the French Water Act and runoff flow control requirements (to combat risks of flooding), the need to preserve drinking water resources and taxes on waterproofed surfaces (under the order of the 6th of July 2011) make the use and control of rainwater obviously necessary and mandatory. Rainwater recovery is an act of awareness that drinking water is a threatened resource with room for improvement, for which smarter and more sustainable solutions must be found through innovation.

A company serving human development for rainwater recovery

For more than 12 years our company has specialized in rainwater recovery solutions and in rainwater management and treatment. We take charge of this resource from the bottom of drainpipes on buildings through to drainage in the ground in order to optimize it, use it and enable our customers to reduce their drinking water consumption by 50 to 70%. Kipopluie thus offers complete turnkey solutions for recovering rainwater, from the design stage through to commissioning. These solutions comply with environmental demands and policies and the requirements of the HQE, BBC and BREAM label. The dynamism and responsiveness of our teams and their capacity to adapt to technical requirements enable us to act as a consultant for major players in the construction industry, local authorities and manufacturers at national level.

Respect for people and quality

Our company charter prioritizes commercial relations, honesty, integrity and respect for others. That is why Kipopluie bases itself on an ethical charter and on an individual commitment by each of its employees for each of its projects. Quality and safety are Kipopluie’s priorities for full customer satisfaction and for an objective of “zero” customer returns on projects. Kipopluie has a policy of MASE certification.

Message from the chairman

Wonderful water, abundant and available as a normal thing! Water is essential and represents the challenge of the century.

The price of water has been steadily increasing exponentially in every country for 30 years. Collective water resources are threatened by increasingly difficult infiltration due to soil sealing. The need is ever greater, compounded by agriculture which is consuming increasing amounts of water to obtain better yields.

Our corporate vision is to propose an answer, an alternative involving innovative, intelligent and complete solutions from engineering through to implementation. The keyword is “adapting”, developing and believing in our capacity to find solutions for climate changes. Innovation, exchange and the desire to change things in order to live better with less are our objectives. The men and women who make up our teams adhere to this vision with a strong corporate culture which is based on the need to find innovative solutions, to be loyal and to operate in line with CSR principles. The durability of our solutions is the selection criterion used for the whole of our catalogue, to ensure that there is no compromise on quality..

We will support you and listen to your needs for your projects with a desire to be your local partner and act as your consultant for the engineering and complete implementation of rainwater recovery solutions.

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