Compensatory volumes

Drening is a system consisting of elements for the construction of a high-capacity rainwater dispersion or retention (and/or waterproofing) chamber. Usable as a drainage, retention and compensation system, it enables the retention de 400 l/m² and redistribution of the water to the sub-soil or sewer networks at defined flow rates. Kipo-Drening is made of regenerated HDPE, and is therefore resistant to chemical products and micro-organisms.


• Easy stacking and handling, reduced transport cost
• Advantageous price-product ratio
• Saving of money and time on installation
• Drainage even on low-permeability terrain
• Consolidation of difficult terrain
• Possibility of accumulation of up to 400 litres/m²
• Installation of 60m²/hour/man/excluding earthwork
• Possible under heavy-duty roads and green areas


• Excavation of the terrain
• Covering with a layer of gravel for stabilization (indexed by the terrain)
• Installation of the Kipo Drening modules
• Covering with 40 to 250 cm of gravel
• Installation of a geotextile in the layer of gravel to filter impurities
• Complete coverage of the area with asphalt or topsoil


Kipopluie also specializes in open-air geomembrane solutions. We are able to propose a customized offer adapted to the terrain or landscaped to collect runoff rainwater, contain it and control it in leakage flows in accordance with the Water Act.

Control structure

To meet the site constraints and the requirements of the Water Act in terms of control of outlet flow rates, we propose 2 l/s to 25 l/s gravity controls.

Our solutions are incorporated in the storage or infiltration structures imposed by regulations.

Treatment of washing water for reuse

We propose a complete solution enabling the treatment of up to 1000 l/h of wastewater for reinjection on the washing area.

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