Fire solution

Under the regulations and the circular of 1951, the requirement of protection against fire risks obliges local authorities and industrial companies to have a fire-fighting water resource near their premises with a flow rate of 60 m³/h for 2 hours.

In a special historic partnership with Pronal, Kipopluie offers fire reserves and their installations in all volumes.

These above-ground tanks in pre-stressed PVC-coated polyester fabric, welded to 1.8-metre bars at high frequency (after laser alignment) can contain a useful volume of up to 500m³. They present high mechanical strength (chain breaking strength of 340 daN), withstand temperature variations between -30 °C and +70 °C and are guaranteed for 10 years.

In addition to the quality of the product, we provide a complete offer through to the commissioning of our solutions, including installation on DWG, the necessary earthwork, fence protections and fire brigade tests.


Aspiration Pompier

• Complies with fire regulations • By direct draw-off
• Constant volume excluding evaporation • By remote extraction with frost protection on wall
• No human risk of drowning • By remote extraction with frost protection on hydrant
• Uncloggable
• Regulatory quarter-turn valve with vertical tenons
• Quick installation
• Modularity and moving possible
• Customization of the reserve



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