Types of complete, ready-to-connect solutions offered from 10m³ comprising the fully equipped rainwater tank with its filter, its manager and its regulatory equipment.

High-density cylindrical concrete rainwater recovery solutions with triangular buttresses represent real added value in terms of quality for underground storage of rainwater.

Kipopluie’s know-how for rainwater control

We usually recommend the use of concrete tanks, an inert product which it makes it possible to:

• Counter the dynamic pressure of the soil with the fluctuation of the water level
• Raise the pH of the rainwater to attenuate acidity
• Respond to high water table issues with easier implementation
• Have a modular footprint
• Offer a paint-free product with incomparable durability

These products are installed by our teams with our rainwater filtering, reoxygenation and distribution systems. This solution can be adjusted in volume and layout to meet space requirements. This Kipopluie product has the advantage of being 100% recyclable.

Solutions for rainwater recovery

Mais aussi des solutions Acier Carbonne sur mesure et les cuves en PEHD chaudronnées double peau :

Custom-built steel tanks in 1700, 1900, 2500, 3000 and 3400 cm diameters, produced on the basis of our drawings and our technical and regulatory requirements, are available for volumes of up to 150 m³ in one piece on an anchoring frame with surface accessories.
The interior coatings are in modified and zinc-phosphated epoxy to withstand maintenance of the product to standard NFT 35520 together with high¬-pressure washing followed by ST3 brushing.

The exterior coating is a non-yellowing, non-chalking high-solid polyurethane enamel for better resistance to gravelling and scratching.

The tank is supplied with its anchoring frames, boosters and connection flanges positioned on request. The connection systems are of the pre-jointed Kipo-fix type, avoiding the need for additional accessories.

The high-density polyethylene tank is a double-walled product. Its light structure facilitates handling during installation with conventional equipment on difficult-to-access sites (such as town centers).

Rainwater management and distribution systems

Kipopluie recommends double and triple delivery safety systems for rainwater distribution, incorporating standard EN1717 and the free discharge system imposed in the regulations. Our systems have double and triple pumps integrated in the home automation of the building and the BMS for control of rainwater uses.

• Meets standard EN1717.
• Adapted to the use of the building, the immediacy of the demand and the elevation losses due to its configuration

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