Waterproofing by HDPE geomembrane with ASQUAL certification

The tax on the waterproofed areas (Decree of the 6th of July 2011 concerning the tax for urban rainwater management) and the need to contain runoffs, compensate for them and regulate them is leading Kipopluie to strengthen its waterproofing geomembrane division with complete mastery of the use of waterproofing geomembranes to meet our customers’ expectations.
This policy is in line with our desire to guarantee our customers the necessary reliability and qualitative legibility and enable them to have a single key contact.

We wish to manage your jobsites with the best possible technical solution, in compliance with the specifications and with the aim of efficiency and reduction of the overall cost.
Kipopluie’s experience and reliability allow it develop a forward-looking dialogue of trust with its customers who are seen as partners.

Our approach is sustainable and constructive, allowing us to establish ourselves over time as a benchmark in terms of reliability and effectiveness and offer the necessary traceability to meet regulatory requirements.

Our offer is complete, from design to installation of the geomembrane (also called the waterproofing membrane, watertight tank, sheeting, liner, etc.).

Our employees all have a background in this field with top-level professional experience. Our teams have Asqual Nh1 and Nh2 certification.

We make the tanks in PP, HDPE, Asphalt, PVC and Geobentonite.

Watertight geomembrane: our know-how

Retention and control tanks
• Road tanks
• Ornamental pools
• Lagooning
• Fire reserve complementing our above-ground fire reserve offer
• Waste confinement
• Reed basin
• Casing
• Manure basin – wine-growing, etc.


Our guarantees for geomembrane waterproofing

The certainty of installation in accordance with standard professional practice and tests necessary to guarantee the perfect waterproofing of the structure.

Human safety and protection of equipment are priorities in the deployment of our teams and meet the strict specifications of health and safety requirements.

The removal and retreatment of our waste is in line with quality and environmental directives.


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