Kipopluie’s desire to listen to its customers and respond to all their needs leads it search for technical solutions.

Kipopluie sets up a research and development program each year to meet its customers’ technical requirements and upgrade the solutions.
Water resources are subject to improvement. Sudden heavy rainfall, soil leaching and floods lead to the obligation of efficient industrial solutions for the treatment and use of rainwater. All Kipopluie solutions are in line with regulations and the directives of the Water Act.


The Institut National de la Proprieté Industrielle (INPI) (National Institute of Industrial Property) issued two invention patents to Kipopluie, for the design of a flow controller and for the design of innovative and economical industrial filtering systems.
The filters are also patented and recognized by the European Patent Office.

Kipo 500 / Kipo 3000 filter

• Very high capacity filter equipped with a self-cleaning, uncloggable 400 µm laminar matt AISI304 stainless steel grille (maintenance-free),
• Automatic bypass on load
• Recycled/recyclable polyethylene material
• Inlet pre-sized by Forsheda Trelleborg type triple lip seal
• Outlet fittable on SN8 PVC pipe
• Two lifting rings
• Possibility of fitting a 50 cm booster
• Interior reinforcement against dynamic compression of the soil
• Screwable cover
• Supplied with connectors


• Individual house
• Housing estate
• Tertiary (collective housing, office buildings, sports and cultural facilities, etc.)
• Washing station
• Filtering of rainwater for reuse of non-drinkable water
• Filtering of compensation tanks
• Pre-filtering of treated washing water
• Filtering of industrial water
• Filtering of stormwater tanks

• The difference in elevation of the water lines leads to savings on the earthwork
• Reception chamber and safety “bypass” to compensate for the loading
• Anti-stagnation guidance system



• Self-cleaning
• No maintenance
• No consumables
• Uncloggable
• Ready to be connected
• Product in recycled and recyclable material
• Light
• Various diameters possible


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