Steps for rainwater management

Why trust Kipopluie for rainwater management and recovery?


Pre-project studies for decision by our customer:

  • Potential and projection of the recoverable volume of rainwater based on a 30-year and 1-year study.
  • Budgeting and ROI
  • Estimates of technical requirements
  • Layout and feasibility DWG projection
  • Analysis of needs, their frequency and immediacy and the technical redistribution requirements
  • Nominal recommendation and variant recommendation

Actions after signature:

  • Inspection of the site and technical analysis of the site’s constraints
  • Soil constraints
  • Scheduling of the project and its matching with the other construction work sections.
  • Working drawings on DWG
  • Implementation planning in coordination with project manager/project owner
  • Working drawings for climate engineering
  • Supply of Health & Safety Plan, Health & Safety inspection and certifications, health inspection records, as-built drawings and complete implementation file.


  • Complete installation of the rainwater recovery solution through to commissioning (including earthwork and external works)
  • Jobsite installation and supply of materials, installation of geomembrane waterproofing and welding test for complete implementation file
  • Delivery of our products and connections on request as the work progresses.
  • Our installations can cover the plumbing, structural works and externals works and all related actions concerning logistics and lifting.

Technical assistance

  • Included de facto in the complete installation, this can be adapted at the customer’s request (in the form of presence of one of our teams in the field or technical assistance) to support the project manager or the work sections concerned.

After-sales service

  • We offer after-sales service and monitoring of the savings made to enable our customer to evaluate their environmental choices.
  • Our systems can be incorporated in the home automation of the building and enable remote reading of geospatial information to centralize it and provide a summary of it which is immediately usable for the customer.
  • The everyday maintenance of our installations covers all equipment cleaning and overhaul operations in accordance with regulations



Why trust Kipopluie for rainwater management and recovery?

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