Why trust Kipopluie for rainwater recovery?

Rainwater: a threatened resource

Drinking water, currently used in large quantities and for all uses, is under threat. The availability of the resource is decreasing and it is therefore necessary to adopt new modes of operation and use to limit the impacts of our actions on the water resource.

In this context, rainwater recovery represents an alternative to reduce consumption of drinking water and preserve collective resources. This is because our rainwater recovery systems can cover 70 to 80% of a building’s technical water needs with a non-drinkable but high-quality, non-chlorinated resource.

Kipopluie, your consultant for rainwater recovery

For 14 years, Kipopluie has been making innovations to optimize the resource by sizing an efficient rainwater recovery solution for each building. Objectives: 44 days without rain, for 100% autonomy.

Kipopluie engineering solution for rainwater recovery and management

The Kipopluie solution is complete, sustainable and in line with regulations. It includes a high-capacity filtering system with the Kipo 200, Kipo 500 or Kipo 3000 filters (European patents), a cylindrical concrete storage system sized efficiently to optimize the number of days without rain and a Kipo Vision rainwater management system to distribute the stored water to toilets, watering, floor washers and vehicle cleaning. This management system is a remotely readable 2017 innovation, capable of analyzing the water in real time and being controlled from a distance under remote management.


Kipopluie, at your side for all your projects

Our team consists of qualified men and women with complementary skills to assist you from engineering through to implementation, with after-sales service. Kipopluie means a guarantee of correct sizing, customized follow-up and installation in line with regulations for a quality structure. Our objective: “zero customer returns on projects”.


Know-how and references

The large number of our references reflects genuine know-how and our reputation for providing solutions for all new projects. Recommended by major corporations and major project managers, Kipopluie covers the whole country and acts as your local partner for all your rainwater recovery and management projects.



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